Saturday, September 24, 2011

Surprise Candidate Enters Presidential Race

Arayo rests before hitting the campaign trail
In a move that stunned some, thrilled others, Arayo, a 100 pound Newfoundland has entered the race to serve as America's 45th President of the United States.

"It is time that a real dog represent the American people!" said Arayo's spokesperson,  K.C., in a press conference held this week.  "America has been led by a series of Pit Bulls in disguise for long enough.  If we are going to have another dog in Washington, it had might as well be an honest dog, and a dog with the best interest of all people at heart."

Arayo comes from a long line of canines, known for their intelligence, gentleness, compassion and concern for humans.  "With an "open" dog in the White House, America will become a changed nation," said K.C., "one our enemies and allies alike can respect."

They further stated that the time for pandering to special interest groups is over.  "Arayo has instructed her staff that through her campaign and into her Presidency, the snake-oil salesmen who come forward with promises of mountains of steaks and other goodies should be banned.  Although there is nothing Arayo likes more than a big steak dinner or extra treats, she wishes only to hear from groups who's interests work towards the good of all American's.  Take your bribes elsewhere. Arayo is not interested."

Those supporting Arayo in her quest to hold America's highest office are asked, simply, to spread the word and leave a comment here.  "Save your money for feeding your children.  They should come before the interests of big business."